Big Changes.

My house is a mess, that’s no secret never has been, the fact that I am over it being a mess isn’t any secret either, but while I failed miserably at my ten by ten by ten challenge I think it had more to do with the overall problem, not the ten minutes. No, me giving up on the ten-minute challenge had more to do with me and my phycological problems than anything else.

But this coming week big changes are coming in the Coull house. Rooms are changing in a big way, at the moment my lovely husband and I have one of the smaller rooms in the house, while two of the boys have our master bedroom. this has worked for us for a good while now and for the most part, it works and is all good…… But I need more space in my art room and to get that room and better lighting I need my daughter current room, the lighting in there is perfect!!

 So, with this realization came the need to work out where to put everyone happily.  We have a tiny house with 6 people living in it (oldest is in the sleepout) both my boys have expressed increasing interest in my little art room before, like their brother before them that little room holds some sort of interest, they are always asking if it can be their room. I don’t know why but they seem to regally like the idea of a small space. Rite of passage maybe???

It has been decided that Annabel and Alex will share a room, it might seem strange to some a boy and girl sharing a room but these two are kids the closet in the family and they genuinely like each other. I mean all the like like each other and will back each other up and stand up for one another but these two kids are friends too, on the weekends they can often be found top and tail and hanging out all the time so convincing them to share a room was no work at all they jumped at the chance.

So once all the logistics were worked out about who was going where now comes the how!!

Well it's all on me, On Monday the old lounge suite we had is going off to its new home freeing up much-needed space so I will be moving myself and the man into the lounge for a couple of days then the kids room will be moved, then Tuesday I have to paint the master bedroom…….it is drywall at the moment and damn it I have a vision people, I have how I want my room to look all worked out in my head. Then I hope all going well by Thursday (my birthday) I will be able to move Elliott into his new room and me into my new craft space...

BUT FIRST I have 1 week to get organized to get ready for the move…not my strongest point, normally I just get stuck in and instantly regret it, but this time I am planning! I need to CLEAN I mean deep clean rooms before I go in willy nilly and just start moving stuff, what better excuse do I have to get stuck in and have a massive clean out and get rid of a bunch of stuff?


Tuesday 30th May clean out Annabel’s room.

Wednesday 31 May clean out and move lounge around.
Thursday 1 June sort every item of clothing in the house.
Friday 2nd June Clean my room out.
Saturday 3rd Clean out boys room and dining room.
Sunday 4th start moving some easy things.

So that is the plan so far and already I have done Annabel’s room the lounge and the clothes time-lapse of Annabel’s room is below and a time lapse of the lounge and sorting all the clothes is coming really soon. Wish me luck!!!

So tell me in the comments below what do you want to see me do next??


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