I Failed

I failed

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It was my own challenge and I failed, the 10 by 10 by 10 challenge that I set up to try and help me establish new healthy habits went to hell on a hand basket, this makes me really sad and a little depressed if I’m going to be honest.

My life has gotten crazy, I have almost been working full time and well I am just not used to juggling full time employment with taking care of a family and everything else. I know millions of people do this every day and boy, I take my hat off to you guys! Its hard work. My kids have gone back to school and so that means winter sports have started back up we now have 3 lots soccer trainings all at different times, boxing twice a week, gymnastics, and just add in dancing while you’re at it. Also my Dad has been in hospital after breaking his hip after a nasty fall at his house then again in the hospital itself…..Life is busy and quite honestly at the end of every day cleaning for an extra 10 minutes has taken a back seat, and a glass of wine or a chocolate cookie sounded way better.

Now I think at this point I should explain a little about me, I know a lot of people pre-do their blog post and schedule them ahead of time and what not, but I am not one of these people. I just can’t do it. I do realize that I should have done the 101010 challenge in its entirety before I started posting but well that’s just not who I am I need to post as I do things.

I think that last place I left off here was day four. Now I have got a couple of other days to show for myself today, but like I said, even having the time to blog has been hard to find, the only reason I even have time today is because my girl child got sent home sick from school today so I have some gifted time.

DAY 5 
On this day, I did the little table right beside the sliding door, that is the main point of entry into the house, this is another place where things just get dropped, keys, mail, rubbish, drink bottles and all sorts of other nameless items again this might have seemed like a big job but really once I got into it, it took minutes.


This day I did the shelf above the microwave. This was one of my only days off work and this simple quick little clean turned into a 5 hour and $100 dollar complete over haul of the pantry.

My pantry has never been a highly-organized area in my house it was untidy and messy and it always bugged me and I’m not 100 % sure why but on Sunday it just sort of came to ahead and I went a little nuts ripping everything out to sort it. From there I made a list of everything I needed and I was off to Kmart to gets a stack of containers, trays and a few other bits and bobs I needed to make this work for me, $100 later and I was one happy girl.

My only regret is I didn’t get a before photo to show you, in my enthusiasm I just got stuck in and didn’t even think about photos, but you can’t really know how far this little cupboard has come.

So now what?? Now we pick ourselves back up and we carry on. This was never mean to be stress full or hard work it. So, I am letting go of the negative and just plugging on.

Drop me a line in the comments to let me know how you are going, did you finish?? Give up?? Fall off the wagon like me, but keen to get back on?? Share your progress so we can keep each other motivated. 


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