Gratitude Journal Up Date #1

Hi all, you may or may not remember a post I did a few days ago about the junk journal I started. You can read all about it HERE.

So I have carried on and done three layouts right off the bat, I am really enjoying this process so far, and loving all the different sized papers and layouts I am doing it’s all just so different. I am not starting from the front and working my way back in any sort of order, I am just sort of flipping through the book till I come across a page I want to work on, and I jump right in, so far it is working out really really well.

This first video I did was purely superficial, like I said in the video not all pages are going to be deep and meaningful…oh no no no my friends, a lot of these are going to be purely shallow and seemingly unimportant but I am happy and grateful for them non-the less. I think it is important is enjoy and celebrate the little things as well as the big!

This was my first layout in this little book. Now this could be considered one of the shallow pages. My lovely husband had just bought me a new Samsung 8+ phone two days before and I was still happy and excited about it, and I needed to make a page about it and what better journal to do it in, than my gratitude journal.

Apart from the journal cover this was one of the first layouts I have done in a while so I went easy and just did what I knew, started off with some layers of paper then a little modelling paste and sprays and away it went.

The second page is about my job, it's still relatively new, I have now been working for about 7-8 months and I love it, I’m good at it! I enjoy sales. This was even simpler than the first one, some sprays and stamps and I was good to go,

For layout three this was obviously a little deeper than the phone. This page is for my kids, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without them. They fill me with joy and then can frustrate me like no other people in the world but they are mine and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

This is an old photo taken about six years ago, it was originally on a canvas that I recently took apart. The photo its self is faded and not the best quality so what better place to use it than in this journal.

This one was a little more involved than the other two, I finally had a chance to use my big shot my lovely hubby got me last year!! There are a few more layers going on with all the tags in the background and more paint and such.

Now a side note for any that are interested, adding embossing powder and then heating foam thickers isn’t the best idea in the world, foam and heat is a bit of a no no. Total afterthought, as I had the bright idea thinking  that embossing powder would look neat, while my original idea was on point …it did look cool, if not a little shriveled .


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