Six months and I finally get my room back!

Not overly sure why but about six months ago I sort of went off crafting things. I mean all things, not art journals, no drawing or painting heck I even stopped really reading books and you all know how much I love reading books!!! I honestly think it was about the time I started back working (first real job in 10 years) Now I was only working 2 days a week to begin with but then that soon turned into an almost full time job with my 2 days turning into 4-5 some weeks, with filling in for people going sick and then Christmas madness that happens in the world of retail I was just tired, then I still have 4 kids a husband and 4 pets to look after too. I think my drive for art, crafts and reading went right out the window.

I am not a born organized person so I found juggling work, family, house stuff hard. It just doesn’t come naturally to me at all, in fact I almost go a little nuts……. So yeah nothing much of anything got done.

It was always sitting there on the back burner, just waiting, and I always knew as soon as things died down I would be back into the swing of things, creating things like normal. But in the meantime, my teenage boy (age 17) decided he would use my little craft room for his own personal office/gaming room. The reason for this was really quite reasonable, His room is in the sleep out outside where the Internet connection isn’t the best and for gaming, it’s pretty much useless to be fair, so why not use mums room? it’s not like she is.

HAHAHA He wishes!!

But now things are starting to die down a bit I finally have some time to get back into doing the things I love. As you can see from some of my past post and my Instagram I am currently in love with painting rocks, it’s a big thing around here at the moment. but I am also so desperate to get the art journals out again too, I few things going on at the moment would be good to express them, an outlet if you will.  Gosh I don’t even know what’s new in the world of art journals, has much been going on since I have been gone. Any new trends I need to be aware of???  So many crafts I want to do so little time. Apart from the rocks and art journals, I would love to try working with some clay I found an awesome channel on YouTube called Creative Mom, I highly recommend going over and taking a look at some of her stuff. I am in love and really, really want to have a go and try and make like a little mushroom house or something like that really soon.

I don't know what anything is anymore

But I digress, now the boy has been kicked out of my craft room I have a huge mess to clean up, and sort out I almost have to relearn where all my stuff has been pushed to and where all my bits and bobs have gone. Time to go through and resort and organize the whole room, see you in in a week...or two

what it used to look like 

I will make a new video of my craft room tour once i have cleaned it up and resorted everything Thanks for reading  


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