My First Go At A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling

Well I have jumped onto the bullet journal train…. choo choo

 Weekly Layout

Now I have known about bullet journal for a while now and honestly, I have never really been to interested, I have tried doing up little journals similar to this before and they have never really worked for me before so I didn’t see how this would be any different to be fair.

But a few days ago, I was on YouTube and I stumbled onto a little video quite by accident from Made By Marzipan and I got to thinking how this could work for me.

Essentially bullet journaling is a completely flexible planer you design yourself to make it fit your needs, its sole reason for existing is to make your life easy, not harder or stressful. Now if you look them up on Facebook Instagram or Pinterest it is mighty easy to get intimidated and slightly overwhelmed, OK a lot intimidated, there are so many different styles and ways to go about it, it can be hugely overwhelming. Believe me I know, I spent two day researching and looking into what I would want to get out of a bullet journal. I very nearly didn’t do one just because I was scared it wasn’t going to be as perfect as everyone else’s but you know what who cares!!

This journal is all about what it can do for me and my life at the end of the day, not what it looks like to the outside world, it’s not like I have to share what it looks like if I really make a huge giant mess out of it. (even though I will I can’t help but share what I have been doing as I’m doing it) No this journal is about making my life easy. As you guys will know from some of my other blog post before that I am not a born organized person like some other people are (looking at you sister dear) I find it really hard to get a good balance between Kids, home, work, social etc.  So, what I am really hoping this bullet journal system will help with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is not a magic wand and I am suddenly going to be awesomely organized, manage everything perfectly and become a domestic goddess but hey I can’t hurt to give it a go, to invest a bit of time and effort. I am going to give it a couple of months to see how it goes then reevaluate the system after that make changes if needed and just to see if it is really working for me overall.

Now I didn’t go and by an official bullet journal, I went out and got one locally. I didn’t want to run off and get an expensive journal and find out I hated it or is wasn’t going to work. So, I found I really nice journal by Whitelines with a really nice grid pattern on the pages and away I went. Without over analyzing every little thing I dove right in. Well no that’s a lie I had planned it out a bit, in a pure geek move I planned my planer. I knew what I wanted the pages to look like and how I wanted them set up for me, I needed to do that. So yeah, I then jumped right in.

I didn't video the process vid of making the page layouts, but I did do a little video explaining the why and then a flip trough of the pages. If you have any advice for me please comment and let me know if you have any suggestions or resources you think I should look into more. Thanks for reading


  1. Loved watching this. I feel pretty motivated to do one myself now!!

    1. LOL you know what, I know I post these to Facebook but I honestly never really think you guys are going to read them or watch thanks chickadee, makes me feel slightly less stupid... lol


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