10 by 10 by 10 UPDATE #2

10 by 10 by 10 challenge post HERE 

I’m late I know I totally forgot to factor in the fact I was working and time is a big factor, I have still done the challenge, but having time to write about it is another thing entirely.  This is going to be a really quick one today, I am a day late and I still have to do today's ten minutes worth but let’s show the progress so far..

Day 3

The shelf in the bathroom / laundry, this was another day I was kind pressed for time so went with a quick clean that I knew wasn’t going to take too much time or effort, this may be naughty. but oh well.,So yeah this wasn’t the biggest job on my list but it’s done now and looking great.

Day 4

OK so this one was a different …..a lot different. So, it started out as a quick ten minutes to clear off the clothes on the dresser then tidy up my makeup and hair stuff, well that quickly turned into an hour ½ deep clean of my entire room, not to sure why but I got into the zone! Was awesome I got just about everything done! Managed to get rid of another big rubbish bag fill of cloths to the op shop too!!

I am loving seeing all these little clean spots start show up in my house the dining table is still a daily job now to clear off but I am now making time to do it, let me know how you are going!!!


  1. Yayyy I'm loving doing this as part of my every day routine. I also got caught out once where a 10min clean of a pantry shelf turned into a lengthy clean out of the entire pantry! But I'm amazed at how good I feel about the results, seeing these lovely clean and organised spots popping up throughout my house makes me feel great on the inside.


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