10 by 10 by 10 UPDATE #1

10 by 10 by 10 UPDATE #1 OK so this is scary as hell right now, Just so you know...lol 

10 by 10 by 10 challenge

Ok so like I said I would be back every two days with an update to how I am going, and to check in on you guys. How are all you doing? Are you still going strong? Have you cleaned any surfaces yet??

 I went around my home and found the top ten spots I want to cover over the next ten days no surprise five of these were in one room.

Gah look at all that mess

Straight out the gate I went big, my dining room table. This has always been a dumping ground for us, in fact the dining room in general has become just one big spot to dump stuff, but the table more so than the rest, the well-established habit is, we walk in and put everything on the table. So, this has become by far the worse area of the house.

Now look at the after photo and then look at the before photo you might be thinking this is going to take way more than ten minutes. Well, I am here to tell you it really didn’t, to clear off the table it literally only took me ten minutes. I set up the timer on my phone and went nuts. Full disclosure it did take longer to wipe the table down and add the table cloth but even with that all up it would have been 15 minutes’ tops and even though there is still a lot going on in the dining room it looks soooooo much better already.


Today I went with the fireplace mantle because for the simple fact is when you walk in the first thing you see if the dining table then as your eyes move up immediately behind that you see the fireplace and mantle.

This took me no time at all, like for real only five minutes, I was so tempted to go and do one of my other areas I had set aside for this challenge, but I resisted, the idea for this for me wasn’t just to get me house tidy, no it was a way of making myself to get in the habit of doing something extra every day for 10 minutes, so buy rushing off and doing it all on the same day would defeat that purpose completely.

So let me know how you guys are going made any progress yet??


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