10 by 10 by 10 Cleaning Challenge

OK so let’s be really honest here. I live in the permanent state of disorder, everything about me and my life is an unorganized mess. I don’t really know why or how but we just accumulate so much stuff.  And I am just not the born organized type of person that is has to have everything in its place all the time, no I would much rather be hiding in my craft room making useless nick knacks or snuggled up with a good book than worry about the house being tidy, normally that is OK and I am fine with that …….but you know what? No that is a huge lie, it bugs me to the point I hate people coming to my house for fear of their judgment and sniggers behind my back.

So I have come up with a small challenge to try and help kick start my drive to have a clean organized house. I am calling it the 10 by 10 by 10 challenge. Basically, look around your home and try and find all the problem surfaces, if you are anything like me I have many of these.

*The table by the door where key’s go.
*The old-school sewing machine table where everything gets dumped.
*The fire place mantle
*The dining table

Now I have listed 4 major areas in my house, and all of them are in the same bloody room!! And what makes it worse, is that this is the room everyone sees as soon as they walk into the house, I don't have a nice separate entry way, the dinning room is the main point of entry and not what I would call a greatest first impression to be making at all!! But lets be honest and get real, this is just the tip if the iceberg, in every room I have these spots. my goal has two parts to it first I want to be rid of these spots, and second I want to create positive habits.

 I want you to look around your house, and be really honest with yourself here, can you identify ten areas that need help? Now I understand not everyone is like me and has any areas at all but I encourage you to really look, do you have a draw? A shelf? A table that is just never tidy. If you don’t have ten areas that’s awesome, i envy you and wish to be more like you!! If you have more than ten that’s fine too, just go with the flow, extend the time from ten days to how ever many you need, I fear I may even need more than ten days.

Now you have your area picked out I want you to clean up one of these places every day for the next ten days. I know we are all busy and have lives to lead, but I want you to spend no more than ten minutes on each one. I’m sure we all have ten minutes we can find someplace!! And If it doesn’t all get done in that time, that’s OK!! You can always just do it another day. The point is you made a start and hopefully making some good habits but more importantly it’s not to stress!!

So lets go over that again

10 surfaces
10 days
10 minutes

And that’s it!! Go forth and get cleaning. Don’t forget to let me know how you go and to send me the links if you post about it, I do love to see and hear other people’s success stories, to hear what worked for them and what didn’t.

I will be updating every 2 days with a progress report with how I am going and what I have done be sure to check back often. 


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