Its All Rocks Baby

We are officially obsessed!! I'm telling you people this stuff is addicting, And all it is, is painting rocks!!!
Some of the rocks we have done to hide

Let me take you back to a few weeks ago when I joined a little group on Facebook called Hawkes Bay rocks then I found another called Hawkes Bay wandering stones, general idea is to paint / decorate some rocks and hide them for little kidlets to find.

some of the little gems we have found and rehiden in our travels.

Wow!! let me tell you this fad had taken off in a big way around here and we aren't immune to it, my daughter especially loves it....we love it all the painting, the hiding, the finding. Now once you have painted and hidden the stones you may never see them again or even know where they end up but in saying that, thanks to the Facebook groups some people will take pics and post about the rocks they have found so you get to see your rocks in loving little hands.

Just a few we have done to hide

Thanks for reading hope you jump on the rock painting fad too, even if there isn't something like this in your town I realy do encourage you to just do it, even if you never see where they end up it is strangely satisfying! 


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