Why I quit reviewing books

Why I quit reviewing books.

 It is no great secret that I love books, I mean this used to be a book blog and then sort of evolved as I did. Reading and art are my two great loves outside my family, but I found while I loved the perks of book blogging, it wore me down.

I used to genuinely like 99% of books I read, I didn’t go into them looking for things that were wrong and if something was wrong I would just shrug and move on, but then the more I read the harsher I got, I started to hate most books I read. I would be incredibly harsh, mean and sometimes downright nasty, I intently went looking for things to hate in books and that’s not something I liked about myself, it took all the joy of it for me and made me feel like a bad person if I’m going to be honest. It was all getting so negative with in my own head and the toxic energy was seeping in to other parts of my world. But in saying all of this I did learn a lot about myself in the process, I learnt I have a keen eye for detail and can pick up on the smallest plot hole, and I also learnt there are just books I shouldn’t read, I learnt I have little to no desire to read about gangs, criminals and bad people.

So I stopped, I took about 3 months away from books and just wanted to find my joy in books again and you know what I have. I won’t be going back to book blogging, but I will be doing the odd review.  Only about books I am passionate about. There are certain authors I love and will always love, that no doubt will be posting reviews for, but it will be at my own discretion

There is one think I can promise form here on out, there will be no false reviews from me, if I read and review something it is because I am in love with it and want everyone to know about it.


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