Dictionary Journaling

So a while ago I found out about dictionary journaling, from Mike Deakin basically you get a dictionary, pick a random page, pick a word and sort of go from there.  Simple right…. So what is a girl to do but rush off to the local thrift shop and get herself a dictionary!!

Ok so full disclosure, I didn’t pick random pages, I flicked trough the books and marked pages I might want to do. The first one I picked was a starfish, purely for the reason, I thought it would be easy, something to ease me way into it. Also I don't draw right on to the dictionary page, I am drawing on like a tissue paper that patterns are made from then gluing them onto the paper. So far I have done this will all of them.

 The next was done for an online collaboration called #Lovefallart, now for this almost everyone went with autumn/Fall because well it was the season for most of the people in the collaboration but for me it was the beginning of spring and I wasn’t feeling the Fall/autumn thing, so I went literal.

 My latest I did something I had done before, remember my valentine’s day heart? You can see it HERE.  Well I sort of just re did that, purely because I was lazy and I wanted to do a page the dictionary, so instead of engaging the brain I did something I knew.


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