Old Guitars Made New And Odd Lines

So I have been at a bit of a loss the past couple of weeks with my art, a few weeks ago I decided it would be cool paint on an old broken guitar I have around the joint, and you know what??? It was a good idea. I
t was great. I loved doing it, I loved how it turned out, and I love that it sold!! So what was to do next, get hold of some more broken guitars and do it again and again and again. Problem, lightning didn’t strike twice, and the second attempt just didn’t go according to plan like the first


See the gypsy girl just isn’t working for me at all, so I walked away from it in the hopes that some time and distance would be good for the eyes, but when I walked away I sort of left my flow with the her. I have been sketching daily, and just nothing has felt right so last night I sat down with no ideas, no plans and just made this…

I call it lines, now I know not many people will like, it but honestly I think it is rather honest to how I have been feeling lately all dark in places with some light shining through, and it just happened. No thinking required with this one.


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