Forever Ours By Cassia Leo, 4 star Review.

Forever Ours 
By Cassia Leo
4 stars

Ok so to be honest here I wasn’t expecting much, I had read one of Cassia Leos books before and just well, hated it. So when I grabbed this one, I was going into it with a lot of trepidation, and I was almost looking for stuff I wouldn’t like, unfair?? Maybe, but I can’t help it.

But what I got was something great and something I truly enjoyed. A coming of age story about a broken girl that has had it bad for so long she hardly know what good is anymore. Now while I enjoyed this and read it in a couple of hours it did have its problems. I felt it as sort of glossed over in places, example  Prom happened, but I have no idea what kind of dress Clair wore, I know what her date wore but not her, not that that’s important or anything, I mean it’s a dress but there was a lot of little things missing.

The big thing that bothered me and still bothers me  hours later, even after a nights worth of sleep was Chris Mum. Now don’t get me wrong, she was a lovely lady, all be it absent!! Now she is meant to be a foster parent, they have all range of kids come into their house, ranging from toddlers to teens yet she works like 10 hour days??? How will that work?? I know I don’t live in the US but I can’t help but think, messed up kids there can’t be to different to messed up kids here.  And I also know foster kids at any age need a bit more supervision than the 4 hours a day she was home and awake with them, Clair was well behaved, but a lot aren’t and if you give them that much freedom, you are in for a whole world of trouble!
Also my other issue with the mum was Chris, when we first meet him he is 15, then later on we learn he has 4 tattoos, one he got while drunk out of his mind, now I’m no prude, I love tats, I have them but where is this woman?? I have a 15 year old boy of my own and I sure as shit know where he is and what he is doing and it’s not drinking and getting tats either!!

Anyway moving on, aside from that rant I did enjoy this book, it takes place over about 4 years so there are big skips in time but it helpfully has the dates at the start of every chapter, I didn’t mind the skips this would have been one huge ass book without them.

So yeah read it, liked it, and bought the next one.


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