Bright Side By Kim Holden Review

Bright Side
by Kim Holden
4 Stars

Whats on the back cover

Everyone has one. 
Some are bigger than others. 
And when secrets are revealed, 
Some will heal you ... 
And some will end you. 

Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks. 

They both feel it. 
But they each have a reason to fight it. 
They each have a secret. 

And when secrets are revealed, 
Some will heal you … 
And some will end you

What I thought

Not sure how I feel about this book yet.

Here is one of the things I loved


Her is one of the things I didn’t love 


I have never been so torn about a character before in my life, Kate was a breath of fresh air, she was bright, funny, talented beyond reason and a genuine, nice person that would go out of her way to help people, she stood up for what she believed in and just let the small things slide. She was alternative and funky, and just a bight bubbly wave of sunshine.

What I didn’t like about Kate …read above, she was perfect, absolutely farken perfect, the girl could do no wrong and everyone just loved her, some of it felt so forced at times, one thing I hated was the way she talked…I mean Dude come on, but then I remembered she was only 19/20 after all I should expect too much, but she was so mature with everything, all the time surely that would translate to her language somewhat?

The first half of the book was a blow build, I wasn’t really surprised by what happened later on, there were enough little clues left like a bread crumb trail to work it out ahead of time, but it was no less emotional. I’m not sure what at % I started crying, but once I started I just didn’t really stop. I wasn’t prepared for it to be honest,I went into this blind, I didn’t read any reviews before taking this on, gave the blurb a quick go over but I just didn’t know what I was getting myself in to.  I wish I had known ahead of time, I would have still read it for sure but I may have waited a week, I had just finished one emotionally draining book, then I got sucked right into another, I don’t know about you but I like buffer reads in-between the more serious ones.

I am so on bored with the next book in the series!


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