What A Little Practice Can Do.

I have always been arty or should I say creative, not necessary drawing, or painting but even when I wasn't doing those things, I was scrapbooking, altering things, writing…making things! I have never been happy unless I have being able to create, but its not always easy either.

I am trying to really find myself and my own voice when it comes to art, but like everything, it is taking a lot of hard work and experimenting to get me there. There has also been a lot of disappointment on the way too. But that’s good, I have learn so much about myself when I mess things up. I have learnt not to rush, be patient, take your time, that’s its ok to mess up, messing up is growth, I have learnt I am and can go great things.

A few weeks ago I decided the direction I wanted to take with the watercolors I have been making, after lots of watching YouTube, surfing pinterest really seeing what sits with me. There are some truly inspiring people on the web and it can be a little off putting to start with but also very inspiring. I am by no means a natural gifted artist, what I do and have learned, I have taught myself with the help of my husband and YouTube, and pinterest, I have had to work for it, I cannot just pick up a pencil and just get it right …No I research, I draw it over and over till I like what I see enough to commit to doing it on real paper. But I am getting better by the day just look at the faces I was doing a couple of weeks ago and look at me now, sure it’s not perfect at all, but it’s getting there.

This little gem, was one of the first of the faces I did a couple of weeks ago, now keep in mind I wasn't going for the  realistic look as much at sort of cartoon/amine style.

This one was next I didn't even finish it at this stage I know it wasn't the direction I was going to take again like the one above this one was trying to be more cartonish that real

This one was done only a few days ago and is more heading in the direction I want to take over all. 

 And this is my latest, can you see the difference a little practice and determination can do?  I know this isn't technically perfect, I still have a long ways to go, but look how far I have come in to weeks.

 The point I am trying to make here, in the hopes I can help some people in their own process is, don’t give up! If you want something enough go for it, invest the time, and practice, practice, practice! It is all up to you, and no one is going to do it for you.


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