Pink Lady And A Mermaid

Hi guys, sorry about no post last week, I got a little bit busy with life, but I do have two new paintings to show you! Both watercolors on A4 watercolor paper

the first I have caller Pink Lady

I dont know what it is about this but I love her, I am very proud of myself for this one!
although I have had a couple of people tell me she need a well to bad she isn't getting one

Next up is a mermaid, I don't really have a name for this one just yet but I'm going to post it anyway

Not as happy with this one if I'm honest, not really sure why

Thanks for looking and as always these gems are for sale.
Original is $120.00 NZD + post
Print unframed $30.00 NZD + post
Framed print $50.00 NZD + post

I have a few more paintings planed in this style, but as always, if you have animal you want to see me try in the style of the other animals I have done please let me know.


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