Until Series By Aurora Rose Reynolds 4 Stars. Series Review

 Until Series 
By Aurora Rose Reynolds
4 Stars

2 days, four books, and a messy house is what I have to show for my weekend. I honestly didn't think I was going to get sucked in like I was, This is why I can’t read The Game Of Thrones, Jack Reacher or reread the Outlander books, I just know they will take over my life and nothing will get done till they are finished.

 I have had these books on my TBR for a while now, everyone I know that has read them loved them, so thought it was high time I jumped on board.  I have never done a series review before so you will have to put up with how I’m doing this till I find my rhythm

Ok this series is about a family of brothers, all big and powerful, manly and alpha. Like most series, this one isn’t much different, each book follows one of the brothers as they find their Boom, and you watch them fall in love. The Boom, you may ask, it’s the Mayson cruse, total man whores one day till they see her, then BOOM their life has changed forever. Now I am no fan of inster love in books, but loved it n these, it worked.

All these boys are very alpha and bossy, my inner feminist was a bit put out at first but then I just sort of let it go, it’s not like they were Christen Grey so not too bad after all, a couple of times I really wanted each girl in turn to tell them to F*%k off though.

One thing I think that is worth talking about, is I loved that these books for the simple fact is you didn’t have to wait till the last few pages before the couple gets together, they meet decide to go out and then you just sit back and enjoy the process, none of this waiting for shit to happen and a whole bunch of melodrama. Well no there is melodrama but least they are together for it.

One of the negatives though, is each brother sort of ran into each other! They all sort of sounded the same, I get that happens with brothers but I felt like I was almost reading the same guy throughout the books, I mean they were all sort of different but not much, Cash wore a baseball hat. The sex and dirty talk was much the same too. Also one thing that bugged me, was all the psychos!! Every book had a psycho attached to it to drive the plot and to make a plot point, it was fine for a couple of books but all of them?? I just don’t believe one family would attract all that drama.

 Until November Book One
3 stars

Until November, in all honesty I almost stopped reading this one and left the series behind, the writing wasn't that good at first, it was chunky and awkward and the pacing was just off. Some of the sentences made no sense and had the wrong words used in the wrong places, but I kept going,  the way everyone loved it something had to get better, And it did. I got utterly sick of her Asher fog, it seemed like it was said a lot and once I picked up on it, it bugged me all the more.

Until Trevor Book Two
4 Stars

so I liked this one a lot more, I don’t know if the writing got that much better or I just didn’t pick up on it as much. but I think this one might have been  fav
Until Lilly Book Three
4 Stars

This one interested me a lot, there was build up from book two in this one and I was very 
interested to see how all the drama was going to be tackled.
Until Nico Book four
3 Stars

Now I’m not sure about this one. Honestly I liked it, but I think after binge reading it might have been too much of the same for me to really feel it.

Over all I am giving this series 4 stars for pure entertainment value, it’s not a great literature of our time, but its funny and sexy and was just what I needed for the weekend. I will go and read the rest of Auroras books but I need a little break first.


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