The relaunch

Well I have been so busy with the school holidays I almost forgot about my own relaunch!!

So today, for me marks the new direction for this blog, you may have noticed the new name and banner, well with that will be some new content as well. I will no longer be just reviewing books. I will also be talking about Art, family, Diy, crafts….etc I think you get the drift. Books are still a big part of my world so I will still be doing reviews, it’s just it won’t be all, and I will no longer be doing blog tours and cover releases too. Over the next couple of weeks I will be re posting some of the books reviews I have done in the past as well as some new ones too. I have been trying the get my self super organized this time round, and already have a wide variety of post ready to go.

So welcome back everyone, I have really missed blogging and and looking forward to getting stuck back into it!

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