Nightmare's Daughter By Aurora Smith. Review!

Nightmare's Daughter
By Aurora Smith
4 Stars

So I went into this book not really knowing too much about it, I didn’t even read the synopses, I loved Auroras book my stupid girl so by rights I will love this too.

I was delighted when I was put right slap bang in the middle of a paranormal universe where a wide range of magical and mythical creatures live in the human world without any of us knowing, it was clever and funny and it honestly reminded me a lot of the Percy Jackson books.


Neverwhere is a summer camp exclusively for the children of mythical creatures, and Maya Justice is the daughter of the most famous one of all. She's trying desperately to escape her father's infamous reputation within this fairy-tale she is forced to be a part of. 
But when pretty-boy Justin Prevot enters the picture, Maya's storybook life turns completely upside down and she finds a world she didn’t even know existed. 
It’s going to be a sweet and creepy summer filled with nightmares, humor, and heart-wrenching romance. And Maya might just find out that falling in love is the most unexpected adventure of all

While I did enjoy this book a lot, I read it all in one sitting, and I just absorbed it. I don’t think I am the target market, I think this would be a great read for 11 to sort of 16 year old crowed. The writing was well done, it was very clean and explained everything nicely for younger age readers but there was a bit of a learning curve at first. I loved the underline message throughout the book too, that no matter how you look its what’s on the inside that really matters.

 I loved Maya, I thought her voice throughout the book was very genuine her inner dialogue was spot on for her age and I found myself laughing out loud for real a few times. In part 2 of the book we switch to Liam’s POV and while it was very well done, and the two voices didn’t run together, they were both very different and distinctive, I just didn’t like his inner workings as much as Mayas. But that’s ok, I think it was needed to really understand the back story a bit better.

Overall I liked it, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one, I really, really want to know what on earth is going on!!


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