Mixed Media Angel, With Video.

Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, Today I will be sharing with you a little altered angel I did a couple of weeks ago.

See a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a really cool video on you tube by tubeyoumaster1, this chick makes some very cool stuff and I suggest you go check her out!! Anyway she altered a cute angel and I thought hmmmm I want to do that!! So the hunt was on, then one day i came across this little gem. I snatched him up real quick.

Please forgive me for going out of shot a little bit in the video, I am very out of practice with videoing myself and I kept forgetting. Also For some strange reason my camera will only video in HD for 9 minutes, I have no idea why this is??So there is little bits missing here and there when I forgot about that too. I am saving up to get a new HD video camera, so I hope to get it all sorted out.

Now in all honesty I didn't use a lot of product on this, I started off with Gesso, a little paint, Dylusions ink spray, black,white and coffee. All the flowers are just ones I got from like the $2 shop, and all the birds and butterfly's I cut out of a book I have around for that and the button and ribbon was just out of my stash.

 As you can see in some of the photos, some of the original silver paint is showing, honesty I really like that effect, a happy accident as some would say. 


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