Letting our Freak Flag Fly with BFF Tattoos.

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So it has never been a secret but I love Harry Potter, it would have to be one of my favorite book series ever.  It is also no secret that my BFF Tracy Is also a huge Harry fan, so what better way of letting our freak flag fly together than getting BFF harry potter tattoos!! Now we had pondered this idea for a little while but it wasn't in till I was looking on Pinterest one day and found this, I thought OMG this is perfect for us, but where? and when are we going to do this??? The where was a big one, I didn't want it on my arm like the photo, then Tracy said" oh the foot!"  I thought this was a fab idea so then it was just the when. We wanted to do this together, we only see each other once or twice a year so When I went to help out Tracy and The Scrap Heap out for SENZ it was perfect!

Oh and FYI foot tattoos hurt.....A LOT!!!
Glad I went first!!


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