Jahleel By S. Ann Cole 4 Star Review and GIVEAWAY

By S. Ann Cole
4 Stars

What the hell did I just read?? I don’t know if I farken LOVE this or hate it!! I am torn. Honestly it is one all the other, bare with me her people this is going to get a little ranty.


A TRUE-ly fabricated story about Love & Obsession...
I’m an idiot.
I’m too stupid to be human. Too stupid to live.
I lack common sense.
I used to be a normal human being. Until the guy in the red hoodie. Just a glance, and I was owned. Enslaved.
What’s worst? He didn’t even notice me.
Yep. You guessed right: I’m delusional. I’m obsessed. I’m a stalker. A martyr. A masochist.
I’ve allowed my obsession to lead me down into a deep, dark pit, selfishly hurting everyone around me, and only his requited love can pull me out of it.
But I won’t apologize for it. I won’t apologize for being in love with Jahleel Kingston.
I’ve loved him at first sight. I’ve loved him for five empty years. I’ve loved him through all his bullcrap and asshole-isms.
I love him even now.
My name is Saskia Day. I’m British. I’m famous. I’m stinking rich. And this is my pathetic story.
Read at your own bloody risk.

What I Thought!

This is my reaction when thinking about Saskia Day

 photo iliterallycouldnothateyoumore.gif

Saskia farken day is a bad person, she is a self-absorbed, selfish twat waffle and I hated her. She cared nothing for anyone else and was so up her own arse I’m surprised she didn’t smell shit everyplace she went, but wait….. Oh that’s right her shit didn’t stink. She really was unbelievable. She is the type to pull the “do you know who I am “card she honestly thought she was better than everyone else all the farken time I really hated her with a passion.

She was upset Chad thought she was fake??? She was fake even by her own admission, the first time Chad had meet her she was being fake, and you know she is in the bloody dance studio under false pretenses in the first place. Later on she goes on about how well trained she was at being fake, it really was no surprise at least one person could see it!!

She goes off about people treating her brother like shit when she is the worse at it, one part she says to her friends that if they say anything about him she is done with them,…then 5 min later they text shit and she does nothing??? What an awesome sister she is!!

 photo scrubs.gif

So dysfunctional and messed up I really just didn’t see why anyone liked her at all, let alone having a couple of guys love her even. And Jahleel wtf everything he said and did had me going. 

 photo EXCUSEMEWTF.gif

then the next second I was confused as hell.

I’m not going to go over all there was just too much, ill just say I hated him too!! Neither of them did anything remotely good to make up for being such douche canoes!

Also on a side note, when Saskia and Lion talking about cheating and how she just has to deal with it.

 photo christucker.gif

But with all that going on you have to give credit where credit is due!! S. Ann Cole did a awesome job at this and the reason I didn’t give this 1 star is because I honestly think this was all on purpose. I think I was meant to hate these people. This is the first in a series so I can’t wait to see where this goes!!

This got 4 stars from me for the simple fact is S. Ann Cole caused emotion in me. I haven’t hated a character this much since Voldemort, I went to bed with this book and when I put it down I was thinking about it, when I woke up I was thinking about it. When I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about it. No, even though my feelings weren’t all good, I do believe that is a mark of a good book. If something stays with you after you put it down then I’m sold!!


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