Silver Lining By E.J. Shortall, Review

Silver Lining
By E.J. Shortall
4 Stars

This was just what I needed after a string of not so great books, I mean I finished this….I really finished it!! I put down everything I HAD to read and picked this up. I needed a good book to pull me out of the slump. Recommended to me by a friend this was a great little read.


Amber Merchant had it all. Living with and engaged to her teenage sweetheart, nice house and the job of her dreams. 

Not anymore. 

Following a devastating revelation from her FiancĂ©, Amber finds herself single once again and vows to never entrust her heart and soul to another. 

After a bad experience on a rare night out to celebrate her newly single life, a chance encounter with a tall, dark and handsome stranger leaves Amber’s head reeling. Intrigued by her draw to him but scared for her heart she flees. 

Twenty nine year old Craig Silver has been fighting demons of his own. Intent on a life of meaningless affairs and one night stands, he isn’t prepared for the overwhelming and immediate attraction, and desire to protect the striking blonde on the dance floor. 

At first it seems the attraction is mutual… until she runs. Bewildered and frustrated Craig wonders if he will ever see her again. 

Sometimes the roads to our future are paved with many trials. Will Amber take the right path and find the silver lining to the happiness she deserves? 

This story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for readers 18+

What I thought

 I liked this couple together, Craig was your normal hero, good looking, rich, all around nice guy and perfect. He had his fair share of secrets and drama, but was real in the way he talked and how he reacted to things, he was good for Amber and just what he needed. Amber got on my wick a bit, I got her insecurities, hell I have some of them, and I get it she had trust issues, with good reason and I did like her but like I said she just got on my nerves a bit.

It was predictable and I saw what was coming well ahead of time but that’s ok, I didn’t need to be shocked and surprised by this, I found the pacing spot on, I liked that there was no fluffing around. They liked each other and let it flow for the most part.  It was well written, funny and the world building was great. The sexy bits were well…sexy and plentiful, but not over done to the point of gross.

So yeah, I am well invested in this series now and I can’t wait for the next one! I am really looking forward to seeing how Amber grows as a woman.

If you are looking for a nice romance that isn’t dark or twisted then look no further if you are looking for a feel-good love story then this is the book for you!


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