Roar By Aria Cage, Review And GIVEAWAY!

By Aria Cage
4.5 Stars

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Title: Roar

Author: Aria Cage

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: March 17, 2014



I’m shadowed by sins; mine and the ones passed on to me. The only light comes in the way of him. He wants to fix me, but he can’t fix something so lost and broken. I'm completely undeserving and secretly unwilling. But how do I turn away the one person my body and soul soars for, the one thing that makes me forget the fear, the loss and the guilt? How do I stop the primal need which we are addicted to?

She is a stranger amongst the world, a captive behind her smiles and lies which shelters the truth. But I know her, we are caged together with the demons and guilt, yet my love is stronger against all our loss and I want to help her heal, to set her free. Under her cloak still lies my scared kitten, feral to her soul because of what he took from both of us. If it’s the last thing I do, I will help her roar like the tiger I know her to be, even if it means setting her free from me.

Caged by their demons and primal need, will their love be strong enough to set them free?

What I Thought

This was a gut wrenching story and honestly I wasn’t expecting it at all. What I was expecting was an ok story with a little drama mixed in for effort, but wow. Oh how I was wrong. This of course will not suit everyone one, and frankly might be a bit upsetting for some to read. This does deal with child molestation, and while not graphic, you are left with no question as to what is going on and you will find it upsetting.

Beautifully written and highly emotional, This will suck you in with in the first pages, I genuinely could not put this book down. I don’t know this authors history but if she is not a physiologist or something like that this was extremely well researched and just utterly gut-wrenching in places and downright horrifying in others. In one scene I felt physically ill. (Shower scene *shudders*)

My heart just broke for Charlie and Nate, everything they did in life was a direct result of their childhood and it really does show how abuse can really, really mess people up more ways than one, for many years. It did seem like the author sat there and said to herself “hmmm how much crap can I give one person to deal with before they go bat shit crazy?” Poor Charlie had been through a lot in her life, and the poor girl was just so broken, her character growth was a joy to see even if I wanted to shake some sense into her more than once.

Was it perfect? No there were some plot holes at end but for me they didn’t overly matter to much and there were a couple of miss used words but again, I am not great at the whole spelling and grammar thing so I find it very easy to forgive those things.

Anyway to sum it up I love it in a disturbing heartbreaking way. Also WILL Conner be getting a story of his own?? I would be very interested in reading more about him!!

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About the Author

Aria Cage

My name is Aria and I have three confessions:
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#2 I write under another name but I'm not going to tell you ... don't beg, she will kill me if I tell. Ha! So I guess you could call me a genre whore.
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