Isles of Olympus: A Guardian's Truth By Sandra Schepis, Review

Isles of Olympus: A Guardian's Truth
By Sandra Schepis
4 Stars

Title: Isles of Olympus: A Guardian's Truth

Author: Sandra Schepis

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publish Date: February 19, 2014

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Book Synopsis

A Guardian's Truth is about Ariella, a young Guardian Queen of Royals, in the secret land called Isles of Olympus. Forced to sit on her throne before she comes of age, and yet kept in the dark about her history, who her parents were and the life she never got to have with them, after being given to her maternal uncle and his wife, when Ariella was only minutes old. No one would even speak her parents names after that. Frustrated by the constant over protection of the councilmen and women of the Isles, Ariella and her closest friend (whom rarely left her side from the age of four), her dragon Kyith, set out on an adventure within and outside of her realms, that would start the events that could lead her realm back into war. Many enemies are found to be trusted friends, while some friends are shown to be true enemies, Ariella is left wondering: who can she trust, who she should trust?

Guardians are descendants of the first two Gods, Uranus, the God of the heavens and sky, and Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth and nature. Their first born child, a son, Gaius, named for both his parents, was betrayed by his younger siblings as they overthrew Uranus by beheading him, so to rule the world and heavens themselves, Gaius wished only to avenge his father’s murder, but Gaia had other plans. She gave him his own realm hidden from the titan’s wrath, and their descendants. A gift for his loyalties, he and his kin and any God, Goddess or magical creature that wished to escape the titans and later the Olympians, would live free of the tainted bloodlines of those that had murdered the father God for greed and power, with only one hitch, no Guardian could ever wish to lay claim to the original homeland of Gods, Mount Olympus.

For if they did, all that had been, could be undone!

What I thought

I don’t normally read fantasy/ya books so when I said yeah ok ill read this one I had no idea what I was really getting into. Let’s just get one thing out the way I really enjoyed this. The world building was outstanding and I thought the pacing was fabulous, there was always something going on and the spacing was just spot on.

I did feel it could have done with a bit more back story to begin with, it come as the story goes on but I was getting a bit confused in places and it would of helped a lot, I can see a very good prequel for this being written.

I really liked watching Ariella grow she went from being what I would call a spoilt, pampered, precious, princes to a capable smart young woman ready to take on responsibility. I hated how everything treated her like a petulant teenager and kept everything so secretive, knowledge is power and I really can’t see who thought wiping what happened from the history books would make everything better.

Anyway I am really intrigued but this series and looking forward to the next installment.

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About the Author

Sandra Schepis is currently living in the Brisbane Bayside area of Queensland, Australia with her beautiful family. I like to spend most days in front of my computer either writing or researching different elements of my stories and interests in Greek Mythology and history in general. Though I have spent years writing short stories I have never before published any of my work.

Isles of Olympus is different, it is a complete work of towns and cities, landscapes, cultures and lives I spent month creating, so that I could sit and enjoy the story that flowed from the details.

A Guardian’s Truth the first of three books to come out of the Isles series, was a special project designed ultimately for my children to read and enjoy, igniting their imaginations and inspiring their dreams.

I love landscape photography, and use it to inspire some of my works. Mythology weather Greek, Celtic, and some Nordic are keen interests that I enjoy researching; reading is a passion of mine when I am not writing. And in between that and my family I love to get out and explore

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