Timeless Love by Ariana Miller, Review

Timeless Love 
by Ariana Mille
1 Star

I don’t think I was reading the same book as everyone else, while I really don’t want to be mean here I feel the need to be truthful, I don’t get any joy in writing bad reviews, especially if I have been given the book by the author, but I think for someone to learn and grow sometimes its necessary. I didn’t not enjoy this book, I found it wooden, stiff, and poorly executed, the dialogue was just to unrealistic. *cough contractions cough*   There was no real world building going on, a lot of telling but not a lot of showing and well, I think it needs a lot of work.


There are some who will let nothing stand in their way. Once they decide that they have found the ultimate happiness, the decision is final, and they’ll do whatever it takes to love freely. 

Timeless Love is the story of two very different people, who are each struggling to survive and live a happy life. Warren McLean is a rebel who has faced more than a decade of hardships to become a successful Hollywood director, and he’s getting closer to his goal with every stride and decision he makes. Whereas Pauline Clemens is a pampered girl who is perfectly happy to live life by the rules, but she keeps losing the people she loves, and her world is slowly filling up with darkness. 

When destiny brings these two together, both of their lives are irrevocably changed forever. They are each put in a position where neither can survive without the other, and the powerful bond they ultimately develop is one that very few people ever achieve. 

What I Thought

I do see where the author was trying to go. I could see how this was all playing out in her head, it’s just what she saw didn’t translate to paper very well, it lacked a certain descriptive quality …Show don’t tell!! I was so hoping it would get better. I think the first part was the better bit, it felt almost like after a while the author got bored and wanted to finish it in a hurry or was in such a hurry to get to the twist that the middle suffered for it. It reads like bad fan fiction. The story line its self was a good one and if done right could have been awesome, a little nuts but good none the less, just to rushed too amateurish.

 Pauline was just too unreal for my liking. I didn’t believe her at all, I felt like she thought she was better than everyone, she was condescending and a bit of a stuffy uppity bitch. Then she was an obsessed fan, and I mean really obsessed, it was a little cray cray. Well no not cray cray, but bat shit crazy!  When she said about writing a book about her interesting life I almost choked. Her life wasn’t that interesting, sure a couple of bad things happened to her but nothing out of the ordinary, most of the stuff that happened to her happens to a lot of people, every day. I think she just had undiagnosed clinical depression.

This to me would have been a good first draft, I think it needs to be built on and refined …a lot. I found myself skipping into it a lot and sort of skim reading just to get to the end, if I hadn’t of been given this It would have been a DNF for me but I thought since I had to review it I had to read it.


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