The Hardest Part By Heather London Blog Tour, Review and GIVEAwAY

The Hardest Part
By Heather London
4 Stars

This book was just what I needed, I have read some rather bad books the past couple of weeks and well it was just so nice to read something that didn’t read like bad fan fiction.

Whats it all about

Emily Anderson and Reed Alexander are living with pasts they cannot escape. 

Emily moved to New York City seeking a fresh start, intending to focus on her career and to keep a low profile.

Reed returns home to New York City after two years, haunted by the same things that pushed him away years ago. 

When Reed and Emily meet, their connection is undeniable, but Emily keeps her feelings hidden. Falling in love is the last thing on her mind and she knows the danger it may bring not only to her, but to Reed as well. Reed isn’t as reluctant, but he knows that the demons he’s fighting could destroy Emily. 

The harder they try to resist one another, the deeper they fall in love, and the more complicated their lives become. 

In the end, they realize that truly loving someone may mean letting them go… and that’s the hardest part.

What I thought

I really did like this and read it in one sitting, it was well written and engaging. Most of the cast felt believable to me in a real way. I loved having the different POVs as the book went along but  hated  when we would get to a Jake part. I also loved it, he was just so sick in the head it really built the suspense!! It was a bit predictable in parts nothing that happened was a complete surprise and I’m also not feling the ending, thought it was a little rushed and a bit of a cop out.

While sometimes really frustrating, I found myself thinking wtf is this girl thinking doing that, I still really enjoyed this, a lot. I mean if you are on the run from a powerful, abusive, psycho man hell bent on doing anything and everything to keep you why oh why would you get yourself involved with someone in the public eye?? And when you see yourself in a magazine why did you stay where you were?? Get the fark out, run girl, run far far away!! For a seemingly smart girl she does some really stupid stuff.

I know nothing of mental and physical abuse in my life, in fact I think I have been rather sheltered from it all, so reading about how it effects someone on an emotional level is not something I can entirely connect with, I can empathize with the character and I can understand how and why they are feeling  that way, but really I have no knowledge of it. Over the last couple of weeks I have read a few books about abuse, mental , physical and emotional and well let’s just say not all books are created equal, some  books I have found so unrealistic, but  this one  IMO seems spot on as far as the inner dialogue and Emily’s thoughts and feelings go. 


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