Princes and Fools by A.H. de Carrasco, Review and Giveaway.

Princes and Fools
A.H. De Carrasco
4 Stars

I didn’t know what to expect with this book, I had no great aspirations for it and honestly just thought I would roll along with it like I do so many other books. Boy was I wrong, this was awesome and by the time I had got the hang of it I loved it. But so not impressed with that cliffhanger!! I need the next book like NOW!! This has me seriously reconsidering the fantasy genre too, I don’t read a lot of fantasy books I have been sticking to mainly contempory romances lately but I want more of this!!


“My journey didn’t end with my entering this palace. I must own who I am, even if I must suffer through Lunule’s games… I cannot run away.”

Safe within Paz Etur’s palace, Raphere feels her luck about to change. After the hard-earned approval of the King’s Counselor, Raphere hopes the worst is over. Then she meets Prince Lunule. Opinionated, chauvinistic and more than a touch malicious,  Prince Lunule seems to enjoy making her life a constant hell.
Her missing mercenary, Rant Pae, cannot help her. She must find a way out of this situation on her own, before it becomes dangerous. Raphere is more than desperate to find the Jivan Tome now. She fears her life, her sanity, and her heart might depend on it.
Two mortals hang in the balance. One covets the crown. The other left his family behind after a tragedy for which he is to blame. Both are irresistibly drawn to the Pikestan girl, Raphere, whose fierce heart imprisons them as they lay claim to her. Whether incited by love or power, the princes may find their reward at the sharp end of a sword.

What I thought

By about 11% I was hooked, but I was so angry with myself for not reading the first book. I strongly recommend you do that by the way, it took me till around 40% to really know what was going on and get the hang of this book and I feel kind of ripped off, like I have missed out on something by not reading the first book and when I’m not so busy in book blog land I plan to hunt down and read From Continue (first book, Free on  Amazon)

This was well written with great world building, the descriptions were enchanting and excellently executed. I liked the characters and both of Rapheres love interests. Even if Lunule was a bit of a tool I can’t help but kind of like him, untimely think he is a product of his upbringing and what he was born into.  With Rant, without having the first books perspective I really don’t know enough about him, he was missing for a big chunk of this book. Maybe after I have gone back and read From Continue I will have a better understanding of him.

Anyway from what I have read so far this book series is a must read for those that enjoy fantasy books and even those of you that don’t normally read this genre should really give it a go. I will be back in a couple of weeks with a review of From Continue.

Side note after I had written my review. I am an idiot and only just realized I was given From Continue to read as well….*shakes head  mutter mutter rant rant*


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