The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Review.

The Book Thief
By Markus Zusak
4 stars

For the first time ever I feel the need to defend myself about a rating I have given a book. I have had a lot of friends say to me over the past week “Only 4 stars?” Well yes, yes only 4 stars. Everyone I know LOVES this book and honesty, I do see why. It is a very good and highly emotional read.  I can see why some people are calling this a modern day classic, but for me it fell flat.

I can see the appeal for this book it for the most part was well written I mean it’s a story about a pre-teen girl growing up in early war time Germany, narrated by death himself. The World building was outstanding, I could see everything so clearly, it was incredibly clever but I think at times the author was trying to be too clever. It screamed  “oh look at me, I’m so awesome and deep, I’m using big words.” I got over the strange descriptions towards the end so much in fact I felt like the whole thing was getting a bit condescending and pretentious.

I wanted to quit this book at least 4 times. For such an awesome read it that everyone was raving about took me over a month to finish it. It didn’t hook me and scream read me and don’t put me down. Until the 85% mark, I found it very easy to put it down and just walk away. The only reason I didn’t was because I had about 10 people saying nooooo keep going it gets better, and it did get better, that last 15% was pure awesome don’t get me wrong, I was flat out ugly crying the whole time but that just didn’t make up for it in the long run. In fact I feel kind of manipulated and tricked. I have rated this book solely biased on the last 15% and that alone, but I feel what the author did to the cast was manipulation at its best. I don’t think he did what he did for the good of the story I think it was done for shock value and to make you cry…(Just because it was sad doesn’t make it the best book ever read) it worked but yeah I see what you did there.

So yeah while everyone I know loved this, I just didn’t. 


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