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Every Kiss 
By Tasha Ivey
5 Stars


After witnessing Makenna’s journey to find herself again, Callie is reminded of her own struggles with love. No, Wes wasn’t always the easy going guy that he is today. He was moody and unpredictable in the worst of ways, and she was certain to call him out on it every chance she got. Looking back, she’s amazed at how much their lives have changed since they met. 

Before tragedy shook them to the very core of their lives. Before her dream career began. And before Wes wasn’t a broody jerk with a closet full of personalities. 

Yes, just four years ago, everything was different… 

Makenna and Shane are just a couple of lovesick college students, and Callie is doing her best to keep up with the demands of her junior year. Life is boring, and she is totally fine with that. But boring flies right out the window the day Makenna cons Callie into helping with Shane’s brother’s birthday party. She expects a gangly pimple-faced teenager, but Wes is far from it. He is temperamental and opinionated, but he is also incredibly hot and thoroughly enjoys pushing her buttons. And she pushes his right back. 

Even though their undeniable attraction draws them to one another, Wes is clear with Callie about one thing. Relationships are off limits. Friendship is all he has to offer, unless of course, Callie is willing to add a few benefits to that. He works hard to keep the reasons for his aversion hidden, but secrets have a way of making themselves known sometimes, no matter how deep you bury them. 

Two of those secrets hold the key to unlocking Wes’ fears of the ultimate betrayal. And the other secret has Callie falling even deeper than she ever dreamed. 

But she’s unsure of one thing . . . is she enough to save him from himself?

What I thought

This is the second book in the every life series and if you haven’t read Every Breath I suggest you do that first. I really enjoyed this book just as much as Every Breath, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and If you have read every breath you know the end game in this book. You know for sure that Wes and Callie end up happy and in love, but it was no easy ride getting there and I still felt myself saying “oh man I hope they work it out.”

Everyone is going on about how they fell in love with Wes…I don’t get it. I mean yeah he’s cool and all in Every Breath but for the most part I thought he was a bit of a cock in Every Kiss. I get his actions in one way, but man I wanted to hit him. Selfish prick!!! He did win me over in the end but Sawyer still wins it for me hands down.

And Callie, never in all my reading have I ever read someone quite so out there and honest as her. It was a breath of fresh air, there were no real misunderstandings and she called it how she sees it. I loved her! Big time and if I had a book girlfriend she just might be it!!

Tasha as an author is just getting better and better IMHO I love her writing style and she has fast become one of my favorite authors. She sucks you in and before you know it is 2 in the morning and your husband wakes up and growls at you for still reading at  this ridiculous time of night (his words not mine) and just on a side note I may have leaked a little….I mean it wasn’t full on ugly crying at this, but a single tear may have come loose.

Highly recommend!

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