Stagepass By Stevi Kisner (Prequel Novella to 'Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll' Series) Review

By Stevie Kisner
5 Stars

You are invited to a private Meet & Greet with England’s hottest export ~ the iconic rock band Slanker Knox: 

JT Blackwood – Lead singer who has the control to hold that note. All night long.
Rafe Westmore – Bass player with the deep rhythm, baby
Paul Ross – Lead guitar virtuoso who can’t stop performing with his gifted fingers
Ian Rower – Rhythm guitarist with the talent to fill every last empty space
Clay Beck – Only this drummer can bang with that much stamina

This risqué group of Brits has left its bad-boy days behind.

Rocking for nearly twenty years, they’re at the pinnacle of their career. 
And scraping bottom with their personal lives.

Discover Slanker Knox in this prequel novella to ‘Dream Me Off My Feet,’ where the band is gearing up for the tour that will change everything.

‘Stagepass’ includes a sample chapter from ‘Dream Me Off My Feet’ (Book One in the ‘Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll’ series) that is not available in the sneak peek on any bookseller site.(less)

What I thought

This was prequel to Dream Me Off My Feet, while I don’t think it’s important to read this first, I really wish I had. I loved it, it was short but I really loved seeing A little sneak peek into all the guys and it made me like JT a bit more this round too, this is really good because I really didn’t like him that much in Dream Me Off My Feet.

This is set just a few weeks before Dream Me Off My Feet and shows you the pre-tour routine and how everyone gets ready. You get to glimpse in to each band member’s life, we watch them and see all sides of the same situation and time period. I don’t normally like reading the same scene written by a different perspective but the way it’s done here makes it so it doesn’t feel like you are reading the same information.

Like Dream Me Off My Feet this was very well written. I have once again fallen in love with Stevie Kisner’s writing style; I love how she can just pull you into a story no matter how short. I so can’t wait to read about the rest of the band!! 


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