Few Are Chosen By M.T. McGuire, K'Barthan Trilogy: Part 1 Review by Craig Cotterill

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Few Are Chosen

By M.T. McGuire

K'Barthan Trilogy: Part 1

3 1/2 Stars

Review Done By Craig Cotterill

I didn't expect to like this book.  Part of me wanted to hate it.  I'm so fussy on what science fiction I will read, and what I won't that being asked to read something I'd never heard of was just so far from my comfort zone, it was almost extra-terrestrial!

Initially I found the book hard to get in to, but as the story evolved I found myself drawn in to it more.  I think - as with many trilogy series - it does take time to establish characters and their background stories.

M T McGuire has woven a clever story with humour and plot twists that are reminiscent of the great Terry Pratchett himself.  Several times I found myself actually chuckling as I read, and almost as many times gasping at an unexpected twist in the tale.

The Pan of Hamgee is a lovable but roguish character.  His development as a character is well written and believable.   Not knowing which way he will turn in the face of a moral dilemma makes you want to keep reading to the very end.

In fact I finished this book, and immediately logged in to my Amazon account and purchased Part 2 of the K'Barthan trilogy so I could continue the wild ride that is M T McGuire's work.  I will certainly be buying Part 3 as well.

~ Craig


  1. Science Fiction hasn't been something I have read but maybe I should give it a shot!

    1. yeah its not my cup of tea either. but I'm thinking I need to give it ago again too.


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