Destiny Ever-changing by Tasha Ivey review.

Destiny Ever-changing
by Tasha Ivey
3 1/2 Stars

This book was a big mixed bag for me some things were great and others not so much.

Laura is a young small town girl that finds herself in a big city living with her boyfriend.  But when she catches him in another woman’s arms and tongue in his mouth she is out of there. She decided to head to her grandmother’s house, a place where she can be free of judgment and clear her head, sort out some questions about her life and just be free to sit and think. Then in walks Brooks, handsome, rich and seems to have it all, but he has his own life problems. Forced to marry an evil she witch, or lose everything, he is depressed, lonely and resigned to the fact his life is going to suck! Until he meets Laura, and everything comes into question. Can these two overcome their problems and create their own destiny??

This story itself was fine, it was a light, fun and at times funny little read and a great way to spend the afternoon,  but did have some plot holes in it, for instance why didn’t Brooks have his own money, he has been working for his father’s company for a while now sure ole Dad might have bought the house and the car and what not, but surely he has some cash of his own, that was just unbelievable from the start, now if he was a lazy self-entitled brat I could have believed it but he wasn’t he was a nice guy and worked hard!! There is just no way his Dad could have taken everything away from him.  Surely he was smart enough to realize that. To be fair some of that issue was cleared up a bit later on, but still my initial thoughts hold.

Laura at the age of 22 is saying stuff like oh why does this keep happening to me, I don’t want to start over in life all over again, girl you are 22 you haven’t even really started anything to be starting over. Sort your shit out already. I know she had a bum time but man she would go on being all woe is me. It was annoying and didn’t really make me like her all that much.

The Dialog was juvenile and awkward at times, it seemed like it was a bunch of high school kids talking not 30 year olds it was just so unrealistic. But the character development and growth was spot on and felt real.  I liked the ending to, while I guessed very early on what was to happen is was great and very sweet.

Although I didn’t enjoy this book as much as some, I can see there is talent and a lot of potential in this author and I will be reading more of her work. From what I can tell this is her first book and I really do think, that the more you do something the better you get so I hope to see the growth in her writing over time.


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