My Side by Tara Brown. Review

                                  My Side

                              By Tara Brown

3 1/2 Stars

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I am a real sucker for a good romance and ones with famous guys and sports stars are right up there among my faves!! So of course I really enjoyed this one!! Although, I did have some issues.

Erin was brand spanking new in the city of Boston, about to start school to become a lawyer. She has everything sorted and all planned out. Until she arrives at her new apartment only to find some strange man with company in what is meant to be her bed!!

After spraying her intruder with bear spray and hiding in the bathroom waiting for the cops to show, it is discovered that the man is not in fact an intruder, because he also has a signed lease agreement just like hers.

Lochlan the new lead singer of the Indy group Thin Ice, Whos star is set to rise, has just been sprayed in the face with bear spray and not impressed about it. After calming down and talking to the property manager a deal has been struck, both Lochlan and Erin are going to be roommates.

While I loved the first half of the book I found the second go old, it was more of the same really. Both Erin and Lochlan got on my wick. Erin was whiny and self-absorbed and Lochlan was at times a bit of a douche bag!!  These people are meant to be what 27 and 25 ish and I thought they acted more like high school kids.

Not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. I did enjoy it most of the time it was funny and very well written.

Popular quotes 

He was too close to me, smelling good and hovering. I liked it and I could rationalize the devil out of it, but something about him made me want to take my shirt off. 

“You need to look into my eyes and see the person I’m looking at. There won’t ever be anyone but you in there. When you see me at the show or signing autographs, that’s not me. This right now, with you, is me.” He stopped, pulling me into his embrace, “it’s always been me with you.” 

“I don’t have to be a singer. I don’t have to be in a band. I don’t have to do anything in this whole world. But I do have to make you love me again." 

Anyway this was a good read, I didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either!! And I will defiantly go and check out Tara Browns other books!!

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