Falling for the Backup by Toni Aleo Review

While for this I am reviewing Falling for the backup, I think since this is about the forth book in the series I should give you guys a little run down on what this series is about first.

The Assassins, Nashville’s ice hockey team, this series is basically following each team member as they fall in love. The first book was Taking Shots with Elli Fisher and Shea Adler, then Trying To Score with Fallon Parker and Lucas Brooks, then Empty Net with Audrey Parker and Tate Odder. We watch each of these guys and girls struggle to come to grips with love, life and hockey.  If you like your contemporary romance to have a sporting twist to them, these are a must read.

Falling for the Backup
Toni Aleo
4 Stars

Well this was a cute read no MAJOR drama, just enough to keep the story going.

Jordan is the Assassins backup goalie. After a massive knee injury 2 years before he is at last back to being in match fit condition, but now his starting position has been filled by someone else and he finds himself sitting on the side lines warming the benches, he is desperate to play and will move just about anywhere to make it happen. But what happens when he meets Aynslee, the girl who could be the love of his life. Will he be forced to give up Ice hockey, will he go to another team and leave her behind or does he settle for a backup position he hates???

I have been a fan of Toni Aleo for a while now, while I love a good sports romance I have found all her other books to be long and drawn out in places and in great need of heavy editing.  Please don’t miss understand though I have enjoyed them, a lot, but this one while just a short novella was just spot on there was no talk about what every person was wearing, there was no crying every second page there was no name dropping it was just a light fun read!! Even though this was short it didn’t feel rushed at all, it felt believable. The writing was wonderful and I think Toni has grown a lot since her first books!!


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