Bared to You by Sylvia Day, Review

Bared to You
 Sylvia Day
2 Stars

I am going to be so unpopular after this but I need to vent!
WTF did I just read??

Almost a direct rip off of Fifty shades of grey that’s what, and I’ll tell you something else for free. I hated that to!! Admittingly this was way better written that FSOG !  The dialog is better, the world building is better, everything is just better. So credit where credit is due and all that.

The premise is the same though. A strong seemly independent, intelligent girl meets Mr. Tall dark and handsome and turns into a complete farken idiot.

Over all I blame Twilight for all this bull shit!!  Somewhere along the line Psycho, manipulative, stalking, control freaks with major mummy issues became hot and sexy!! It disturbs me that so many women find these endearing qualities. While ole Cross isn’t as bad as Grey, he isn’t trying to beat Eva under the guise of SMBD but he is still a bit of a dick! And Eva, who I thought might have a bit of a spine, turned into a girl who could do nothing but gush over how hot and sexy this man is, and talk about orgasms.

The whole book is sex sex sex sex with melodrama mixed in for effort. I don’t even know why these people like each other, all they do is have sex then freak out on each other! I know people will come with “it’s just a book, its only fantasy.” But for me I like a bit of realism in what I read. 28 year old billionaire that owns everything in sight and is psychology damaged isn’t it for me.  Nether are dysfunctional, codependent and controlling relationships!

I could go on but I think I will leave it there, I told myself that since started the book blog I was really going to try and not pick to much about the books I read but I just can’t help I with this one!


  1. Have not read 50 shades. Will probably not read this book.. lol

    BUT... WHY is the name Eva so popular in book characters. So sick of it... lol

    1. LOL maybe its just easy to type out 100 times?/

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