My Stupid Girl by Aurora Smith Review

My Stupid Girl
by Aurora Smith
4 Stars

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This was a great book that deals with some surprisingly big issues, adoption, teen pregnancy, forgiveness, death and religion.

David was quite happy spending his life sitting in the corner where no one would see or talk to him, he was the Goth boy that wore more makeup than most girls, had snake bite piercings and long hair that covered most of his face, everyone would shy away from when they saw him walking down the street and he liked it like that, till one day while just hanging out with his friends at the lake near his home he saves some stupid girl from drowning in a frozen lake.  Lucy the “stupid girl” is just miss perfect a goody goody Christian girl and David’s polar opposite, but you know what they say about how opposites attract. This story follows the next 3 years of David’s life and is told from his POV till the very last chapter.

I instantly fell in love with David; I just loved that kid from the first page. He was funny, smart, quick witted and underneath it all a heart of gold even though  he just didn’t know how to express it. I have never really read a book told from a teenage boys perspective before and I really enjoyed this one immensely !! Lucy tended to get on my nerves a bit though…lol but over all I think these two were perfect for each other and balanced out nicely.

This was very well written and the supporting characters added to the story and weren’t just there, they had a reason to be there, if you know what I mean?? I think my fave was Isaiah. Loved that kid!!

This was a Christian book which I didn’t realise when I started reading it,  so this isn’t my usual. I tend to steer clear of Christian books because I find them overly preachy, not that that’s a bad thing or anything it’s just not my cup of tea.  BUT this was so not like that at all!! I was a bit worried for a wee while, I thought oh no this is going to go OTT with the religion part but it didn’t at all, and it was all rather enjoyable.

 Some quotes I liked 

I was willing to bet she pooped rainbows and threw up skittles. She was that ridiculous.

""Yo," Isaiah said, doing a jedi wave in her direction to get her attention, "These are not the two morons you are looking for."

The exact angles and folds of a well-wrapped gift just make my head happy.

“I think you have more than proved yourself to me. No one is perfect. And I would always prefer a punk to a jerk

I think this book will be great for all ages it’s a YA book obviously but it’s very clean, there is no bad language and its very PG so I would be happy to let my young teen read it. It was a really nice change!!


  1. Thanks for the glowing reviews. I am going to be sending people your way now!

  2. aww Thanks, believe me it was no hardship!! it was a great book and deserves high praise!!

  3. Sounds good Jennie.
    I also appreciate how you link Goodreads up under the book cover. Makes it nice and easy to add to my 'to read' list.


    1. Thanks hun, that was such a afterthought im glad its put to good use!!

  4. Great review Jennie - love how you didn't give anything away, but it was still meaty. That's a tough line, but it gave me enough info to let me know if it was my kind of book or not. Perfect :)


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