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Big Changes.

My house is a mess, that’s no secret never has been, the fact that I am over it being a mess isn’t any secret either, but while I failed miserably at my ten by ten by ten challenge I think it had more to do with the overall problem, not the ten minutes. No, me giving up on the ten-minute challenge had more to do with me and my phycological problems than anything else.
But this coming week big changes are coming in the Coull house. Rooms are changing in a big way, at the moment my lovely husband and I have one of the smaller rooms in the house, while two of the boys have our master bedroom. this has worked for us for a good while now and for the most part, it works and is all good…… But I need more space in my art room and to get that room and better lighting I need my daughter current room, the lighting in there is perfect!!
 So, with this realization came the need to work out where to put everyone happily.  We have a tiny house with 6 people living in it (oldest is in the sleepout) bot…

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